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Errata for Basic Concepts of String Theory by Blumenhagen, Lüst and Theisen

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This is an unofficial errata for the book Basic Concepts of String Theory by Ralph Blumenhagen, Dieter Lüst and Stefan Theisen. I couldn’t find an official errata, but I’ll probably discontinue this at some point when I do run into one.

Chapter 2: The Classical Bosonic String

  • Page 8. The line below equation 2.3. There should be two dots, one each on x^\mu and x^\nu in the definition of \dot{x}^2.

Chapter 8: The Quantized Fermionic String

  • Page 213: Equation 8.56. There is only one charge conjugation matrix in odd dimension d = 2n+1, either C_+ or C_-. To find out which one it is, for odd d, determine d(d-1)/2: if this is even, C_+ exists; if it is odd, C_- exists. So, equation 8.56 is wrong: one should use C_- for odd n, and C_+ for even n.To derive this criterion, compute C \gamma_c C^{-1} and observe that it equals (-1)^{d(d-1)/2} \gamma_c in general, which determines whether C = C_+ or C = C_-. For a quick list of charge conjugation matrices in various dimensions and their symmetry properties, see page 11 of http://www.nikhef.nl/~t45/ftip/AppendixE.pdf.

Chapter 14: String Compactifications

  • Page 453: below equation 14.70. There’s an extra q after \Lambda^q.
  • Page 454: Equation 14.76. There’s an extra $\wedge$ after \bar{\partial}_j \omega_{i_1,\ldots i_p \bar{j}_1\ldots \bar{j}_p}.
  • Page 510: Equation 14.262. The e^{e} on the right-hand side in the local Lorentz transformation of the vielbein should be e^{b}.

Chapter 18: String Dualities and M-Theory

  • Page 690: The expression for \tilde{F}^{(p+2)} in the paragraph below equation (18.26) has extra indices. It is the contraction of \tilde{F}_{M_{0}\ldots M_{p+1}} with \tilde{F}^{M_{0}\ldots M_{p+1}}.

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