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Feynman Diagrams using Adobe Illustrator

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I recently became aware that Professor Daniel Schroeder used Adobe Illustrator to make Feynman Diagrams in Chapter 9 of his Thermal Physics book. A google search yielded two videos by a Youtube user named AjabberWok. I’m taking the liberty of embedding them here. If you would rather view them in a new window, just click on the videos to to be taken to the appropriate youtube link.

In a previous post, I briefly outlined the installation of FeynArts, an open source Mathematica package for creating Feynman diagrams. There are also other tools such as the open source JaxoDraw program, and the axodraw \LaTeX file, which Jaxodraw actually uses to export diagrams into \LaTeX lineart. I personally endorse the use of open source programs such as FeynArts and Jaxodraw, but for those of you who already have access to Adobe Illustrator, you might find these videos quite useful.


Written by Vivek

October 17, 2010 at 11:53

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